Towers 2004


Will be an exhibition held at the De Morgan Centre from 12th April 2005 - 30th June2005.

The theme of the exhibition will be explored through Wendy Ramshaw's rings presented on her iconic tower-stands, and include some original drawings for some of these pieces.

On a very different scale, large sculptural Towers illustrated on the right, are inspired by her jewellery but reach heights of up to 2m.

This collection of jewellery and the sculptural Towers will be for sale, it will also be possible during the exhibition to discuss the commission of individual pieces.

The exhibition is curated by Kate Catleugh the Director of the De Morgan Centre

The De Morgan Centre houses the best collection in the world of work by one of the leading members of the 19th Century Arts and Crafts movement, William De Morgan and of his wife, the painter Evelyn De Morgan. It's temporary exhibition programme features work by today's leading crafts people-designers.


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Towers 2004

'White Tower' Delrin and nickel alloy

'Announcement' brass and anodised aluminium.

'Quicksilver' stainless steel crystal and optical glass.

'Mars in Black' black Delrin with anodised aluminium

'Tools of navigation 1' brass, nickel alloy and optical glass

'Tools of navigation 2' brass and nickel alloy